About me! Lindsey, Founder of Assilah Eco Village

Before moving to Morocco five years ago I had happily lived and worked in Sheffield, U.K for most of my adult life. Being a farmers daughter I had a vague plan/ yearning to return to the country in my later years. I kept my hand in by gardening, having allotments, and inner city chickens. Aged 57, the time was right to make the move, to start a new life in Morocco before I ran out of zeal and zest!
I had been visiting Morocco for over 20 years and knew a little about the culture and language, I just love everything about it My reasons for moving were many I wanted a simpler, a more relaxed lifestyle, a place to learn and grow, warm weather. I also wanted to escape U.K politics and the breakdown of community

Why build a village?

I designed and had my house built by local, sometimes befuddled craftsmen with mud bricks, locally sourced wood, bamboo, and recycled materials I was hooked! Why not build a village I thought…. I was not sure why or what for at that stage, just excited to experiment with a new medium: mud and natural materials. I luckily have a design background and a lifelong love of architecture, textiles and interior design. I believe we can all build with a combination of instinct, simply learned skills, and enthusiasm!

Enlisting volunteers

Over the last five years I have enjoyed and benefited from the help of over 450 volunteers via Workaway from over 50 different countries. We have built a small village, had loads of fun, and learnt by doing together. Volunteers have proved to be the lifeblood of the Village, bringing energy, ideas, creativity and plain hard graft to create an amazingly beautiful space. Thanks to all!!

What is at the Village?

I am still not sure what…..I am going with the flow and seeing what evolves with time!!
Visitors enjoy the space, the simplicity of life, the vast views, the ‘interesting’ buildings, and the peace and tranquility. The Eco Village is increasingly a sanctuary, not just for me but for future others. It is not a business, but neither is it a charity, rather it is a place where like minded souls can share, contribute, and enjoy a special space in a special place together.
Now we have 4 houses; my house, the Volunteer House, the Yin Yang Hobbit House and the English Boat House . Recently we have completed the Community Hub with its communal kitchen, activity/dining area and bathroom facilities. We keep chickens, have a big fire pit area, veg beds/ a budding orchard and many outdoor chilling areas. We have recently dug veg beds and grow a wide range of fruit and veg for the Village.

What's next?

As I say I live life simply, appreciate what every day brings, look after my ever changing managery and host regular guests. I am open to day visits, short and long term stays as well organising activities/ excursions and bespoke holidays. In the future I would also like to host retreats, courses and events.

lifestyle and community living

I live life lightly and responsibly but not aiming for self sufficiency, believing in the importance of being part of the bigger community. Milk is delivered daily by my neighbour on horseback! I make my own yoghurt, soft cheese, bread and much more, cooking in an outside cob oven I built five years ago, and are growing ever more fruit and veg. I shop locally at the weekly souk and also bathe at the village hammam (community bath house) Life is simple and tranquil but it seems never without incident!

I share the Village with three cats; Humphrey, Missy, and Lulu and my two hounds Lila and Booby as well as eight chucks and two noisy cockerels.

Over the past five years I have learnt so much by simplifying life, doing without, and learning by doing. I design and build houses, interiors and landscape, grow all manner of plants, and even do elementary plumbing to name but a few new skills. As well as learning a new skillset I have learnt to need and worry less, be still/do nothing, and be grateful. I feel blessed to live here and want to share it with you!